recent projects: family/pet portrait

A new client recently approached me with an unusual but highly timely request: one of their beloved family dogs had recently passed, and she wanted to give her husband a remembrance as a birthday present. She provided me with a really sweet photograph of her husband and their dog for me to work with, and then I was able to make this family portrait for them:

It was a little heart-breaking making this portrait, but also really comforting, getting to create a picture that had so much love in it. It was clear from all of the reference images that my client provided that their dog was dearly loved and missed, and I feel grateful to have been able to make a tender image for them. 


20% off greeting card designs until October 20!

I swear I don't get a commission from PSPrint: I'm just on their email list, since I've had jobs printed by them a number of times over the years. Beyond their prompt service and nice prints, they've got great prices, too.

Anyway, their latest e-blast got me thinking maybe it's time for some of you to pre-empt the holiday mayhem, and get your christmas/hanukkah/new years/kwanzaa/festivus cards taken care of early, as they're having a 60% off sale on greeting cards through October 31.

And just to jump on that bandwagon, I'm happy to offer a
20% discount on any custom greeting card order

you contract with Stroopwoffle by October 20.

Naturally, you'd want to hustle on this to get the card ready for PSPrint by October 31, so drop me a line here ASAP! (Of course, you don't have to use PSPrint. You just have to use these sales as an excuse to get your cards done early...)

Below, a fun New Year's "Quiz"-style card I designed last year for a family: the parents had a great sense of humor, and wanted to come up with a card that acknowledged that their own school pictures looked eerily like those of their kids.

We came up with the idea to make the card into a guessing game, where you had to match the pictures to the "Most Likely To" descriptions. The answers were on the inside of the card (upside-down, naturally). The family is French and American, hence the bilingual sentiments.  

20% discount until October 20 at Stroopwoffle!
Easy to remember: 20 x 20.

Drop me a line!


recent projects: food illustration

I was commissioned to make a quick, simple food illustration of the way that meat is prepared "Al Pastor" for deeeeelicious tacos. Who knew that the pork was roasted in a similar way to kebab meat? Not me, that's for sure...

Here's a detail of the way the meat is sliced off, directly onto a tortilla:




recent projects: firehouse illustration

Max at Engine 43 asked me to make some illustrations of their firehouse for a new website he and his partners are building: working from photo references that were decidedly more clutter-y, I made these two illustrations:

The challenge was to make a building/street rendering that was clean, open, and a little unreal/mysterious without being too dry, or digital-slick. I might bang these up a bit more for a bit more grittiness, but for the time being, they're at a good place.

It's a new style of working for me, and painstakingly slow. Both files were built with an inordinate number of layers, to make the files easy to manipulate and change (say, for time of day, or shadow movement). Still, good fun, and another great learning exercise for me in making illustrations that are less line-based, and more architectural in nature.


recent projects: booklet and poster for play series

The good people of Columbia University's MFA in Playwriting program commissioned me to make a booklet and poster for their upcoming series of 10 new works: they wanted it to have a slightly old-timey, DIY feel. They also wanted it to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, as they've given their series the humorously grandiose title "Very Important Plays."

I researched some fantastic looking old vintage playbills, and came up with a modern adaptation:

The 8-page booklet mimicked the style of the poster, and included a preface and bios of all ten playwrights. It was designed to be mailed as-is, no envelope, so the back cover included space for address labels.


pages 1 and 2:

pages 3 and 4:

Incidentally, for those who are interested, "Playwright" and "Playwriting" are the preferred spellings. You'd think they'd match, right? More on that matter here.