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recent projects: cute couple illustration

I've had some fun projects come my way recently: Michael and Lisa asked me to make a quick illustration for a party they were throwing, using the photo below. The photo is so true to the kind of hilarious, fun energy these two always spark in each other that I found myself cracking up while I was working on my illustrated version of it. 

Michael requested just a very straightforward bit of line art, as he was going to make the file into a silkscreen for some t shirts they were going to make at the party (great idea, right? And yes, they're artists, too! and all of their friends are, as well, hence the advanced-level D I Y crafts table). 

Knowing this, I upped the campy cartoon factor a wee bit more:

Et voila! Disco lives! 

I'm still eagerly awaiting copies of the finished t-shirts, so in the meantime, I entertained myself by making my own color versions, as well:


It's always nice to play around with color variations, just to see what can happen.


Stay tuned for t shirt pics! I can't wait.