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recent projects: thumbprint tree

When Chris and Angela approached me and asked about creating a thumbprint tree for their wedding guests, I didn't know what it was, and had to look it up. It turns out to be one of the hottest new trends for weddings.

After some sketching, I ended up creating the tree below:

© jenifer at stroopwoffle. all rights reserved

They wanted it to have enough branches and space to accommodate about 150 thumbprints, as well as to be usable for their wedding invitation, as well, so it needed to be a refined, but still versatile, scalable vector file.

© jenifer at stroopwoffle. all rights reserved
Since I've been doing more portrait-type work for weddings lately, it was a treat to try something unexpected. It got me curious about the end-result, as well as how to assess the thumbprint-to-tree-branch ratio. I went ahead and made a version with 150 thumbprints just to see:

© jenifer at stroopwoffle. all rights reserved

FYI, this would need to be printed at about 20 x 24 inches/50 x 50 cm for 150 thumbprints to look like this. If you wanted the thumbprints to feel smaller or less clustered, you'd want a bigger tree. Or fewer guests. (Heh. Like that's an option.)