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excellent sale on cards at psprint!

What can I say? I love PSPrint. I've used them regularly over the past 10 years: they're super-fast, and super-well-priced. When I used to live in Oakland, it was great, because they were in my neighborhood and I could go directly to them: they've also always shipped to clients for a pretty reasonable fee, though.

In the past year or so since the *ahem* economic downturn *cough*, PSPrint got really ambitious with promoting and increasing their periodic sales on certain kinds of printed matter. It seems like every couple of weeks, I get a message offering a deal on one of their many offerings.

Here are their current April deals, which are particularly good. Some of you might find a good excuse to take advantage of these, since they're card-related this time:


Aand of course, if you need my help designing something for them to print, let me know...