custom illustrations for weddings and special occasions

stroopwoffle illustrations
makes gorgeous, fun images for your wedding invitation, save-the-date card, website or thank you note. I’m also happy to do these for anniversaries,  commitment ceremonies, birthdays, holiday cards, or any special occasion you have in mind.

I want this to be a fun, creative, and professional experience for you. 
Here’s how it works.

The illustration I create is completely customized to your specific wants, and is based on personal information and images you provide. Extra details and patterns can easily be added, but keep in mind that clean, simple images “read” the most effectively. I then create a single iconic image for you: if you want options, I can put together a package of several variations.


Is this an invite? a poster? Something else? Is it for print, for the web, or both?
Do you want your perfect illustration to be:
: Dreamy? Fun? Goofy? Formal?

: simple/minimal, or highly detailed?

: full- color, or a reduced palette?

: closer to realistic, or more exaggerated?
: include an important aspect of your lives together (pets, inside jokes, kids, places)?


Really sharp images/photos to work from- the higher the resolution, the better.
 Some clear ideas about what you want, but also an equal amount of trust in my creative instincts here at stroopwoffle.

Pricing varies: it comes down to how detailed you’d like your illustration to be, and how much time I estimate it taking to execute. The average range has generally been $150-300.  Contact me to ask about it, and I can send you a more specific figure. Expect a complimentary e-proof, prompt completion, and excellent communication as givens.

Before work starts, we’ll agree on a basic contract: it will probably be a simple flat fee for the illustration file, based on our initial email exchange or conversation, and the images/ideas you contribute. If you’d prefer the flexibility to improvise and make big changes along the way, we can go with an hourly rate, instead.

Once completed, your files are transferred directly to you, your designer, or printer for use as you see fit. I do offer graphic design services myself, and can recommend other great California-based designers and printers, if you like.


Payment via Paypal is preferred: 50% up front with signed agreement, and 50% upon completion and delivery of your project.


Please use my CONTACT page, or email me at stroopwoffle at gmail dot com!