Working with StroopWoffle was a delight! She not only provided us with wonderful suggestions that captured the ethos of our project, but also gave us new ideas on how to expand and take advantage of our resources to truly create exciting, professional, marketing materials to advertise our work. StroopWoffle was always caring and attentive to details, and showed remarkable grace and patience while working with both our pressing deadlines and tight bureaucracy. We were truly lucky to find her--the end results couldn't have been any better!
Kyoung H. Park, President, Columbia University's Interdisciplinary Arts Council

We've always loved StroopWoffle's illustrations, and were particularly touched to have been brought to life by her on the occasion of our wedding anniversary. I worked with Jenifer to surprise my partner with a very unique and unexpected gift. The illustration managed to capture something about us that photos just don't. We love it!
Lyle N, Oakland CA

I’ve long admired StroopWoffle’s design and illustration work. When our organization had a last minute need that was high-profile and sensitive, we knew StroopWoffle would be the perfect solution. Jenifer took on the challenge with a rare mixture of tenacity, grace, brilliance and inventiveness. She implicitly understands the complexity of representation and the subtle needs of diverse audiences worldwide. StroopWoffle was prompt, thorough, organized, rigorous and flexible as she developed dynamic illustrations under intense pressure. Jenifer came through for us in a huge way. I’m already looking for new ways to work with her again!
Pato Hebert, The Global Forum on MSM & HIV, Los Angeles, CA

Unique and cool in a way that most people don't understand.  Love the wedding illustrations that reflect peoples' desire to be creative and different! Weddings can be stressful: Stroopwoffle makes it stressless in every way!
Alexis Easton, founder, The Flower House

My husband loved loved LOVED the birthday poster - was genuinely thrilled about it - said it reminded him of all those crazy French comic books he loved in childhood.  EVERYBODY at his party loved it - my famous illustrator neighbor was especially complimentary, as well as our groovy NY and LA friends who were in town! Thanks again for creating a beautiful surprise to mark his birthday.
Kayla, Louisiana/France

Excellent market and branding ability.  Knows how to mix business needs with marketing for design.  Very efficient to work with. Always meets our unreasonable deadlines with integrity!
A. Goodiell, Executive Assistant to CEO, Party Extraordinair

StroopWoffle transformed our average wedding picture into an image worthy of a Walt Disney classic- we couldn't be happier!
Sean S, San Francisco CA  

It is a true pleasure to work with StroopWoffle. There are few artists and vendors that offer this type of service. So, StroopWoffle is a great find. Her agile rendering abilities bring to life beautiful portraits that capture the energy and appearance of her clients. Whether you are looking for something serious, exuberantly fun or just commemorative, she easily works within your style preferences with fabulous results. Beyond the aesthetic nature of her work, StroopWoffle is a professional through and through. She works quickly, thoroughly and cares for each client.
Thea, Kavamore Press, Oakland CA