frequently asked questions


Hey, Jenifer. What services do you offer?

Hey, back! I do this stuff:

Illustration (commissioned artwork for editorial, personal or promotional purposes).
This could be anything from a spot illustration for a magazine article, to a personalized portrait for a special occasion like a wedding, for example.

Graphic design (for print and web, including branding/identity, for personal or promotional purposes).
This has been projects like an event poster, or postcards/greeting cards, or the creation of a graphic, textual "brand" for clients, for example.

I'm happy to work with a wide array of clients, of course, but I do have a soft spot for personalized work. I like any process that feels collaborative, fun and empowering for my clients.

What do you charge?

I'd love to give you a straight-answer flat rate here, but honestly, it depends on a number of factors: the scope/complexity of the work, what you plan on using it for, how many hours I estimate it taking, how quickly you need the work finished. I am still pricing my work well-below standard AIGA and AOI guidelines (for the moment). This may change over time.

If you shoot me a message, letting me know a few details about what you want to have done, I can send you an estimate. Don't be shy about contacting me, even if you're sorting it out. You are not bound by law to marry me or anything else if the estimate isn't what you've budgeted for.

OK. How do I contact you to do this?

Right here.

I love your wedding thumbprint tree! How much is it?

Drop me an email with your specifications so I can give you an accurate estimate. It basically comes down to whether you want the exact tree that's on my site, whether you want it customized, or whether you want something totally brand-new from scratch. In any circumstance, however, you should probably know that what I provide is a file, not a print. I am happy to help you sort out your printing needs, though. It's generally pretty easy.

If you didn't already come across my blog post about it, it might be helpful to read about it here:

So how does the whole "custom wedding/occasion illustration" thing work?

Well, a detailed explanation can be found HERE.

Basically, you send me a few really clear photos of yourself that I use as references, and then I make an illustration from the image that seems best suited for the occasion. We agree on a timeline, we email and/or discuss progress drafts, and then you get a finished file that you can do whatever you want with.

Seriously, girl. What’s with the “stroopwoffle” thing?

I’ve had an existing website for my long history in fine art and arts education, but that site was already an umbrella for too many other endeavors. I wanted to simplify, and give my new-ish business its own identity. Aaand, since my last name sounds a lot like “waffle”, I thought I’d have a little fun with this. Also because, if you’ve read the “ABOUT” section on the site, you’d know that I’m obsessed with real stroopwafels, the kind made in Holland. They are about the most divine things I’ve ever eaten in my life. Sigh.

Anything else?

Oh, goodness. Plenty. Ask away.


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