What's a "stroopwoffle", you ask?


A stroopwafel is the greatest thing ever invented by the Dutch people in the history of the world. Stroopwoffle is also a pun on the last name of your artist/illustrator, Jenifer. (Who isn’t even Dutch!)

With degrees from UC Berkeley and the San Francisco Art Institute, Jenifer’s been committed to the arts for over 15 years as an internationally-exhibited artist, illustrator, designer and educator.

As an illustrator and designer, Jenifer’s worked with clients including Adaptive Path, Routledge, The Bold Italic, Hyphen Magazine, Oaklandish, OllyDog, Southern Exposure, Galeria de la Raza, The Global Forum on MSM & HIV, Kearny Street Workshop, WritersCorps, as well as numerous private clients.

Stroopwoffle offers an array of illustration and design services in print, web, and identity for businesses, publications, organizations and individuals.

Back to the Dutch, though.

Their stroopwafel is basically a really thin waffle sandwich, with caramel syrup gluing the two layers together. You warm it up over your coffee cup, letting the heat steam all that gooey caramel back into action. Like in the picture at left.

And that, dear visitors, is what this illustration website is all about: delightful treats, syrupy goodness, in high waffle style, for your pleasure.

Drop Jenifer a line if you’d like to know more: woffle@protonmail.com, or use the CONTACT page.